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wedding swords

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Handcrafted Real Swords

  • made in the traditional South Asian sword making techniques 

High Quality Materials  

  • made of the finest iron, high-tempered spring steel, Damascus steel, sterling silver, pure brass, and 24k gold

Family Heirloom

  • will last forever, passes down from generation to generation


  • handcrafted to perfection, a real sword will take your wedding photos & videos to the next level of sophistication

Home Art Display

  • proudly display this memento of your heritage and love in your home after the wedding as it awaits the next generations


  • represents the couple's commitment to help the helpless 


  • much like jewelry, a real sword will retain or increase its value over time


  • limitless options for custom engraving, most commonly the couple's names and wedding date

  • see examples below, click to expand

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